With the arrival of the digital revolution, photography has evolved quickly over the last few years. It has brought both benefits and problems for companies. 


one of the main plus points is that businesses have the freedom to photograph their own events. There is no expense of hiring a professional and staff can upload images online instantly using the company camera or smartphone. 


on the down side, many staff asked to take pictures lack technical photographic expertise and a basic knowledge of how to compose a photo or direct those within the image.  the results are very poor quality images and These do  not reflect well on your business. It’s this ‘eye’ for a good picture that you are paying for when hiring a professional, as well as their deep technical knowledge. You get what you pay for as they say.


It was with this in mind that we started offering a service to give staff an insight into how to take better pictures and avoid the many pitfalls that can be encountered.


Our sessions can be on an individual or group basis. the aim is to cover basic aspects of photography to prevent staff from making common mistakes. The training is interactive, will stimulate the creative potential within the staff and give them the confidence to produce better images going forward. Sessions can be tailored to your specific needs and budget constraints. 


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