Everyone thinks they’re a photographer these days… 

Photography has certainly changed over the last 15 years. Organisations now have more freedom to photograph their own events, taking a quick snap with their smartphone, removing the expense of hiring in a professional photographer. 

The resulting poor quality images are published on social media.. And it’s 

your organisation’s profile that suffers…

Unfortunately, many tasked to record these events for the organisation also lack 

any basic knowledge of how to compose and direct those in a photo. 

It’s the ‘eye’ for a good picture that you are paying for when hiring a 

professional. The ability to catch someones attention with a creative 

picture when online or flicking through a magazine.

It was with this in mind that Pagepix decided to offer a training service. 

Offering guidance to show them how to use their cameras & smartphones 

to get the best from them. 

Sessions can be on an individual or group basis. We cover basic aspects of photography to prevent them from making common errors, but don’t make 

it too technical. The sessions are interactive and aim to be fun, 

whilst arousing the creativity within everyone in the room.

For the price of the average two hour photoshoot, you could empower your staff to give your organisation a whole better image.

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